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Cyprus has attracted generations of travelers. Greeks, Persians, Crusaders, Ottomans and, in recent times, British and Russian expats, have influenced the culture of the landscape. With such a complex and multilayered past, the word “Cyprus” also conjures up images of impressive beaches, bright blue seas, pleasing summers and platters of meze and bottles of wine. 
The Cyprus economy is driven by a strong private demand and supported by the euro’s depreciation and low energy prices. Growth is set to gain momentum and reach 2% by 2017 with improving public finances. The overall regulatory framework is very conducive to foreign direct investment and entrepreneurship. Most aspects of the economy are free from state interference, and the judicial system ensures the protection of property rights. Cyprus’ commitment to build and sustain a stable economy and to be a credible member of the EU and the eurozone stems from the close cooperation between the government, political parties, social partners and above all the Cypriot people. There are multiple reasons one might want to invest in Cyprus. The overall freedom to start, operate, or close a business is well maintained within the regulatory framework. Relatively flexible labor regulations facilitate employment and productivity growth. For more information, get in touch with one of our law firm in Dubai or consult any of our lawyers in UAE or other international offices.

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