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Denmark is a country comprising the Jutland peninsula and its offshore islands, linking Northern Europe and Scandinavia via the Öresund bridge. Denmark has earned top rankings in the international transparency index for years with bribery being almost inconsiderable. With less corruption, Denmark conjures up an image of an attractive location for business activities. The Danish workforce is among the most productive in Europe. There are no restrictions regarding overtime work, which allows companies to operate in a 24/7 environment. The high-tech agricultural sector, state-of-the-art industry with world-leading firms in pharmaceuticals, maritime shipping, and renewable energy, and a high dependence on foreign trade make Denmark a modern economy. 
Denmark is a member of the European Union (EU) and confirms with the EU standards on all issues. The country has a technologically advanced free-market economy. Due to its geographic location, Denmark is an important distribution point for Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, England, and the rest of Europe. Also, Copenhagen Airport, regarded as the most efficient airport in Europe is the central hub in the Nordic and Baltic region with the shortest goods transit times of all European airports. The World Bank statistics suggest that Denmark is one of the most accessible places in the world to do business. Foreign companies may benefit from a secure registration when considering company formation in Denmark. 
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