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One of the founding fathers of the European Union, Luxembourg plays an essential role in the European affairs and hosts some European Union institutions. It’s the wealthiest nation in Europe with the highest per capita income on the continent. Most of the action takes place in the capital, Luxembourg City. The Cirt interestingly has a unique twist: while it’s all old-fashioned charm in the Old Town, with its elegant squares, imposing churches, independent shops, and cobblestone streets, the Kirchberg district has a modern, flashier feel thanks to its ubiquitous offices, shopping malls, and entertainment complexes. With durable steel, finance and high technology industry, a strategic location at the heart of Western Europe, more natural beauty than you might expect given its size, Luxembourg enjoy a very high standard of living.

Sustaining a competitive business environment, Luxembourg continues to be economically resilient with well-functioning institutions. The legal framework remains among the world’s best, providing adequate protection of property rights. The rule of law is well maintained, and a strong tradition of minimum tolerance for corruption is firmly in place. During the 20th century, Luxembourg evolved into mixed manufacturing and services economy with a strong financial services sector. The government is currently trying to diversify the economy by promoting Luxembourg as information technology and the e-commerce hub. The country has a skilled workforce and well-developed infrastructure. The efficient regulatory framework supports entrepreneurial activity. Business formation and operation take place without bureaucratic interference. It's highly competitive financial sector remains stable and well capitalized, providing a wide range of financing options.

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Global Company Formation