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Ireland is located in north-western Europe. It has a small globalized economy with a large exporting sector and a significant number of multinational corporations. The Irish economy has made impressive progress over the past years. Undertaking politically tricky reform measures, including sharp cuts in public-sector wages and restructuring of the banking sector, Ireland has become the first country to exit a European Union bailout. Its economy is now one of the fastest-growing in the Eurozone. Ireland’s economy benefits from significant institutional strengths. Property rights are well established, and the judiciary is stable. The streamlined regulatory process facilitates productive investment and allows business managers to make informed decisions to enhance innovation and productivity.

Ireland has one of the most advanced and competitive infrastructures in Europe. Significant investments in transport networks, energy, and water resources have helped in the rapid advancement of investors over the past years. Successive governments of Ireland have developed an open economy and invested heavily in developing Ireland's economic structure. The mix of a young workforce and high standards in education means that while companies locate here initially for reduced taxation policies, they continue with their investment because of the talented workforce. Ireland has grown globally with rapid development in information and communication technologies, digital media, life sciences and customer brands, with competitive platforms, Ireland is a place from where companies can launch themselves and travel the globe.Connect with one of our lawyers in Dubai or any of our international offices to obtain more information. We also provide tax advice, legal assistance, and assist with corporate structuring.

To obtain more information, contact one of our law firms in Dubai or consult our network of global offices. We assist corporates with A to Z on company formation in Dubai and global company formation.  


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Global Company Formation