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Patent Lawyers in UAE
30 Apr 2017

‘Alice’ Through the Looking Glass

‘Alice’ Through the Looking Glass “Upon filing a patent claim, your job is merely quarter done.” -    Kalyan C. Kankanala   Try to make up your mind on the answer to one question before commencing your spell-binding read of this article. Now, the debacle that calls for a response…

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Patent Registration in the UAE
27 Mar 2017

Patent Registration in the UAE

Registration of Patents in the UAE Frequently Asked Questions Preventing others from unjustly, and without a warrant, commercializing that which you have poured your blood, sweat, and tears into, is one of the functions patents serve to protect innovators from and thereby to open doors to endless opportunities. Patents are…

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Indian Lawyers in Dubai
03 Jul 2016

Trademark Infringements in India

Trademark Infringements in India Think about a company. It has spent a lot of money. First, in making a one-of-a kind product, and then in advertising it to the world. The product becomes a hit, taking the company to greater and greater heights. It spreads like wildfire. But one day,…

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Who’s Fooling Whom? Combating Counterfeits: The UAE Context
20 Jun 2016

Who’s Fooling Whom? Combating Counterfeits: The UAE Context

Who’s Fooling Whom? Combating Counterfeits: The UAE Context   “If buyers wish to be snobs, the law will protect them in their snobbery. i”    Consumer industry is demanding and precisely so when it relates to high-end luxury at a fraction of the retail cost. One would be only foolish…

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Trademark Registration Guide - Middle East | STA Law Firm
02 Mar 2016

Trademark Registration in Dubai, GCC and Middle East - STA Law Firm

Trademark Registration in Middle East Countries Country and Applicable Legislation Length of Trademark (in years) Trademark Definition Eligible Applicants Documentation Requirement Language Requirement and Procedures Treaty/ Classification Treaty/Classification Benefits Iraq Law Number 21 of 1957 being the Iraq Trademark and Geographical Indications Law . Iraq has sought permanent membership in…

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Registration of Color trademarks
16 Jul 2014

Color, My Color! Registration of Color Trademarks

Tippy tippy tap…what color are you? Registration of Color marks Feeling blue or are you seeing red because you are turning green with jealousy at the neighbor’s new car? Colors are not only used to describe the emotions we are feeling, but they are imperative in the world we live…

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Don't Steal My Smell - Smell trademarks
21 May 2014

Don’t Steal my Smell: Registration of Smell Marks

Registration of Smell, Fragrance, Olfactory marks and Aroma Trademarks - Global Overview What’s in a smell? Smell is one of the five senses. Human mind reacts differently to smells. Smell is abstract and often gets linked to obscure events such as the smell of success or smelling a rat. ‘Would…

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