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Lawyers in Dubai
26 Mar 2024

Draft proposed Trade Marks (1st Amendment) Rules, 2024 in India

Draft proposed Trade Marks (1st Amendment) Rules, 2024 in India In a bid to fortify trademark governance and refine the adjudication process, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has introduced the Draft Trade Marks (1st Amendment) Rules, 2024. These proposed…

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Lawyers in Dubai
02 Mar 2024

Bahrain’s Trademark Law

Bahrain’s Trademark Law In the global marketplace, trademarks represent not only a company's identity but also its reputation and brand value. Bahrain, a key player in the Middle Eastern economy, has recognized the importance of intellectual property rights and has structured its trademark law to provide robust protection for businesses…

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Law Firms in Dubai
17 Nov 2023

GCC Trade Marks Laws

GCC Trade Marks Law Qatar has marked a significant development in trademark practice and become the fifth Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country to implement the GCC Trade Marks Law in the region. The provisions of Ministerial Decree No 56 of 2023 were published in the Qatar Official Gazette on 9…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
30 Sep 2021

Economic and Fraud Provisions in Middle East

Economic and Fraud Provisions in the Middle East “There is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
08 Apr 2021

Patent Registration in Israel

Intellectual Property: Patent Registration in Israel An invention is protected by a patent, which is an exclusive privilege given to the inventor. In other words, a patent is an exclusive license to a device or a method that proposes a new technological approach to a problem or a new way…

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commercial lawyers in Dubai
05 Feb 2019

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement of 2010 Signed in 2011 (although not yet implemented), the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) represents the combined efforts made by the US, Canada, the EU, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea to reform global Intellectual Property (IP) enforcement standards. The Agreement was established to redirect…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
02 Oct 2018

Non Conventional Trademarks

Non Conventional Trademarks Introduction Have a break, have a… Every chocolate lover knows the end of that saying. This chocolate is known for its' four fingers, chocolate-wrapped wafer goodness, and its' iconic tagline, but is it well-known enough to be considered "well-known?" Are well-known trademarks as viable an option as…

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Lawyers in Dubai
13 Aug 2018

Trade Dress Protection

Trade Dress Protection The expansion of international trade and increase in foreign direct investment is likely to have contributed to the conflict of trademark laws between foreign countries. More recently a fundamental issue arising out of the application of trademark is law the subject matter which it can protect. This…

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14 May 2018

Intellectual Property and Food

Intellectual property on Food   Introduction The definition of Food security is "the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food." Globally the insufficiency of food security of developing and least developed States is a concern not only of governments but also all individuals within…

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Laws of Trademark in UAE
24 Apr 2018

Trademark Scent

THE REGISTRATION OF SCENT TRADEMARK AND ITS ISSUES. Part II “Perfume is the most intense form of memory.”               - Jean Paul Gaultier. In the previous Article concerning Registration of Smell, fragrance, olfactory marks and Aroma Trademarks – Global overview, we discussed a perspective of major countries in the world in…

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Cyber Lawyers in Dubai
24 Apr 2018

Copyright and Apps

Ping!You got a Notification* “Internet is a place where nothing ever dies.” A touch is all you need to show the world your piece of art and to be liked by the viewers. Facebook posts, Instagram new filters improving your images, Snapchat 10 seconds stories to score social kudos. Endless…

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Lawyers in Dubai
17 Apr 2018

Trademark Registration in Asia II

Trademark Registration in Asian Countries Country and Applicable Legislation Length of Trademark (in years) Trademark Definition Eligible Applicants Documentation Requirement Language Requirement and Procedures Treaty/ Classification Treaty/Classification Benefits Afghanistan The Trademark Law Number effective from 1 September 2009 (as amended) repealing Trademark Regulations issued on 20 September 1960. 10 Article 2…

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