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taxation lawyers in UAE
27 Jun 2019

Tax Regulation in the GCC

Guide on Tax Regulation in the GCC Introduction: Gulf co-operation council is the abbreviated form of GCC. It came into force in 1981.   It is the union of all Arab state except Iraq and UAE is one of its member states. Saudi Arabia has head first a proposal to make…

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Lawyers in Dubai
13 Jun 2019

Short-Term Contract Oil and Gas

The Legal Framework for the Transportation of Oil and Gas is similar and is predicated only upon a Short-Term Contract Introduction The O&G business has regularly witnessed extensive discussions about the decrease in the term of the natural gas contracts, and many have encountered different unforeseen results which relate to…

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Lawyers in Dubai
11 Apr 2019

A Guide Information Security

A Guide to Information Security and Data Protection Laws in GCC Countries New challenges have arisen with the technological development along with the social and economic globalization.  It can be said that our entire personal data is being stored in the gadgets we use. Internet today has brought millions of…

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Company formation in Kuwait
03 Apr 2019

Kuwait Company Formation

Kuwait Company Formation The business environment in Kuwait is complex, and it requires flexibility, persistence, and patience. Many traders are it importers or exporters have been challenged by inconsistent and at times policies that are contradictory due to which there is a lack of transparency when vital decisions have to…

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construction Lawyers in Dubai
23 Mar 2019

EPC and Design-Build delivery

Differences between EPC and Design-Build delivery- English Law compared with GCC Any manufacturing company primarily delves on the basics of production efficiency, innovation, cost management and time to market which are the critical factors for achieving a competitive advantage. The company needs to achieve its business strategy, and thus a…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
03 Jan 2019

Counter-Terrorism Efforts

A Global Purview of Counter-Terrorism Efforts With nearly 41% of all terrorist attacks resulting in casualty, and a dramatic increase in public targeted incidents, governing bodies representing both domestic and international interests alike have invested countless resources into better understanding why terrorism occurs, and how legislatively, it can be stopped.…

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Healthcare lawyers in UAE
05 Nov 2018

Врачебная халатность в странах залива.

Врачебная халатность в странах залива.  Виллес Дж.: «Халатность - это негативное слово. Это отсутствие заботы, умения и усердия, поскольку привлечение к выполнению работы всегда считалось обязанностью человека.»   Вступление. Работа в медицине является одной из самых престижных и уважаемых профессий. Отношения между пациентом и врачом основаны на доверии и вере. Джордж Бернард Шоу сказал: «Мы не…

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Financial lawyers in Dubai
03 Nov 2018

Консолидация экономического статуса

Консолидация экономического статуса Вступление В связи с глобальными изменениями, особенно на Ближнем Востоке, люди сталкиваются с рядом экономических проблем. Большинство стран Ближнего Востока являются развивающимися, стремящимися консолидировать свое финансовое положение в регионе, а также в мире. Это бесконечная гонка экономического роста, поскольку каждая страна выглядит как сильная экономическая держава. Поскольку победитель…

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Lawyers in Dubai
08 Oct 2018

A Guide to Non-compete Clauses in the Middle East

A Guide to Non-compete Clauses in the Middle East Introduction Non-compete clauses are sometimes incorporated into the contracts of employees to ensure the security and protection of the employer if an employee decides to move to another company. When working for an entity, individuals will likely pick up on and…

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Lawyers in Dubai
02 Oct 2018

Project Financing

Examining Project Financing issues and Regulations Introduction Driving through Dubai one is inundated with the view of cranes and construction sites, however, if a closer look is taken it becomes increasingly more evident that many, if not most of these sites are inactive and the buildings are left skeletons of…

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Law Firms in Dubai
14 Jun 2018

Agency Laws in the GCC Countries

AGENCY LAWS IN THE GCC COUNTRIES Introduction The extension of the multinational partnership is either setting up its subsidiary in remote purview or to tie up with the local organization in a foreign jurisdiction. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the distant locals where international organizations are going into…

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Lawyers in Dubai
14 May 2018

Company Formation in Kuwait Free Trade Zone

COMPANY FORMATION IN KUWAIT FREE TRADE ZONE   Kuwait, also known as the Fruitful Land of the Gulfis considered to be a land of opportunities.The country’s richness lies in the natural resources like oil and gas but also the real wealth of the nation lies in its human capital as…

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construction laws of UAE
30 Dec 2017

Возникающая роль формы контрактов NEC

GOOD FOURTUNE- NEC4 “It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” - Charles Darwin Introduction Biological evolution has been “creating” lives on this earth for almost three billion years, constantly adapting everything to an ever-changing environment. It is…

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Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
07 Dec 2017

UAE Criminal Law and Contradictory Statements

Contradictory Statements In a bundle of truths, a lie will always be found within. Pinocchio told lies, and his nose grew. Unfortunately, liars in the courtroom may only be caught out by the inconsistent statements they make throughout a case. The challenge is for the jury and prosecution to find…

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