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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
06 Jan 2019

Amendments to Singapore’s Penal Code

Prospective Amendments to Singapore’s Penal Code In July 2016, Singapore established a Penal Code review committee intended to perform a comprehensive assessment of the legal provisions currently protecting marginalized communities and members of the adolescent demographic. As of September 2018, the Committee has requested heightened legislative care for topics encircling…

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Lawyers in Dubai
02 Oct 2018

territorial applicability

The territorial applicability of criminal law in the UAE Introduction In may sound odd, but there is a difference between international criminal law and criminal international law. What’s more is that the differentiation between these two seemingly similar sounding things is of essential importance. The international criminal law is a…

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Lawyers in Dubai
07 Aug 2018

Cryprocurrency– A Magical Bubble or The Future of Currency?

Cryprocurrency– A Magical Bubble or The Future of Currency?   The noise and media surrounding the notion of cryptocurrency have been increasing the curiosity rapidly. Before curiosity kills the cat, let's walk through the story of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an innovative and a virtual currency that utilizes cryptography for security…

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Lawyers in Dubai
17 Apr 2018

Territorial Jurisdiction Part-1

  THE REACH OF TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION PART I Introduction The UAE follows Civil Law in their legal system and the primary laws governing the jurisdiction of courts is regulated by Federal Law Number 11 of 1992 the Civil Procedural Law (the Civil Procedures Law) and Federal Law Number 35 of…

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The Anti-fraud Law
29 Mar 2018

The Anti-fraud Law

THE ANTI-FRAUD LAW The recently enacted Federal Law Number 19 of 2016concerning Combating Commercial Fraud (the Anti-Fraud Lawor theLaw) has replaced the erstwhile Federal Law Number 4 of 1979 dealing with the Concealment of Fraud and Deception in Transactions commercial in nature (the Old Anti-Fraud Law). The much-anticipated Anti-Fraud Law…

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15 Feb 2018

The UN Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods

An Overview of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods If a company in the United Arab Emirates wanted to buy authentic leather abroad, most likely they would start looking for sellers in Italy. Considering that they find such an Italian company, the first step in…

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IP Lawyers of Dubai
28 Sep 2017

Da Ta Da - Справедливые сделки и законы об авторском праве

Da Ta Da - Fair Dealings & Copyright Laws Have you ever bumped into someone when walking on the street because you were using your phone? Or maybe you tried to stifle your laughter when you saw someone else hit a pole or a glass window because they were so…

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Lawyers in Bahrain
17 Sep 2017

Tackling Post Dated Cheques in Bahrain

Tackling Post-dated Cheques in Bahrain Can an instrument of payment be offered that ensures complete safety? The reality of the latter statement is an unlikely one. The law, however, does attempt to provide security where a payment transaction fails to do so. The nooks and crevices of such law must…

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Юридические фирмы в Дубае
16 Sep 2017

Дипломатия и Международный Суд ООН: Анализ

Дипломатия и Международный Суд ООН: Анализ (Часть I из II) «Мир стоит дорого. И его цена – дипломатия. Мы все можем догадываться, кто платит эту цену, но иногда не можем  себе представить ее размер.» Отдел международных отношений, юридическая компания STA. Древнейшее свидетельство дипломатических отношений относится к 1259 году до нашей…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
23 Aug 2017

Saudi Arabia : Cyber Crime Law

ATT(H)ack- Anti-Cyber Crime Law in Saudi Arabia “Cyberterrorism could also become more attractive as the real and virtual worlds become (tightly) coupled, with automobiles, apps, and other devices attached to the Internet.” -        {C}{C}{C}{C}Dorothy Denning The clandestine and privacy advantages, the information superhighway, and the possibility to buy your plane…

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Law Firms in Dubai
31 Jul 2017

Являются ли Мобильные Приложения Безопасными?

Являются ли Мобильные Приложения Безопасными?   «Люди забыли эту истину», - сказал Лис. «Но вы не должны забывать об этом. Вы в ответе за тех, кого приручили. Вы в ответе за свою розу». -Антуан де Сент Экзюпери   Это было в далекой стране, стране безмятежных зеленых пейзажей, цветов, росы, проливных…

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19 Jul 2017

Too Much of FATCA

Too Much of FATCA! Renowned author and entrepreneur, Mark Twain, once said, ‘tax is a fine for doing well; whereas, a fine is a tax for doing wrong.' Now, the question on hand is which one of the two the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (the FATCA) would get unseated!…

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юристы криминалисты, киберпреступления, хакеры, адвокаты
24 Jun 2017

Киберпреступления и Суды

Киберпреступления и Суды Юрисдикция (по умолчанию) - это практический и абсолютный авторитет юридического органа по управлению и исполнению уставов и положений на определенной территории и с определенными  обязанностями. Следовательно, когда преступление имело место на определенной территории, суды этой территории имеют юрисдикцию для рассмотрения этого вопроса. Однако, какой суд будет обладать…

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28 Jul 2016

Life of Debt: India's SARFAESI Act on Non Performing Assets

Life of Debt ‘If I owe you a pound, I have a problem; but if I owe you a million, the problem is yours!’ -John Maynard Keynes Graffiti had set its tone loud and clear; just no one acknowledged it. The bad loan episode that recently gripped India’s banking sector…

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