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Lawyers in Dubai
04 Aug 2019

Cross Border Mergers

Cross Border Mergers Introduction Recently there has been a noticeable wave of mergers (especially in the banking sector) within the GCC. Just in 2017, there were 85 mergers in the UAE and over 400 mergers in the GCC. Many of those mergers were cross border mergers; for instance, in the…

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Corporate Law firms in Dubai
14 May 2018

Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS)- Tax Evasion of Multinational Corporations

BASE EROSION AND PROFIT SHARING (BEPS)- TAX EVASION OF MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS OLD WINE IN A NEW BOTTLE Before 1961, there was a minimal focus on national tax laws upon the multinational corporation’s tax and digital economy because during that time no country taxed the foreign source. During that time the…

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Lawyers in Dubai
14 May 2018

Company Formation in Kuwait Free Trade Zone

COMPANY FORMATION IN KUWAIT FREE TRADE ZONE   Kuwait, also known as the Fruitful Land of the Gulfis considered to be a land of opportunities.The country’s richness lies in the natural resources like oil and gas but also the real wealth of the nation lies in its human capital as…

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Laws of Trademark in UAE
24 Apr 2018

Trademark Scent

THE REGISTRATION OF SCENT TRADEMARK AND ITS ISSUES. Part II “Perfume is the most intense form of memory.”               - Jean Paul Gaultier. In the previous Article concerning Registration of Smell, fragrance, olfactory marks and Aroma Trademarks – Global overview, we discussed a perspective of major countries in the world in…

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Aviation Lawyers in Dubai
02 Dec 2017

Aviation Country Guide: UAE - Q & A

Aviation Law Guide: United Arab Emirates Part 1 - General 1.1  Please list and briefly describe the principal legislation and regulatory bodies which apply to and/ or regulate aviation in your jurisdiction. The UAE’s principal legislation governing aviation law is as follows: Federal Law Number 20 of 1991 regarding the civil…

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08 Jan 2017

Post-Closing Transactional vs Ongoing Enterprise Due-Diligence

 Post-Closing Transactional vs Ongoing Enterprise Due-Diligence “Diligence is the mother of good fortune.”  -        Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Introduction In July 2016, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) stated that it’s review of 12 initial public offerings (10 of which were small and mid-sized companies), found incredibly poor due…

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mining laws of ua
20 Jan 2016

Due diligence в горнодобывающей промышленности

The due diligence is sin qua non for the purposes of investments, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships or such other essential investment ventures. It provides rational assurance on the investment related to assessment, financing and purchase of assets. The mining companies, by its nature of exploration and mining launch itself or…

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24 Nov 2015

Limited Liability Companies:

the implications of the new Commercial Companies Law   Although the primary objective of companies law is to safeguard interests of shareholders, modern/current day investment climate dictates that the legislation dealing with companies should i) serve the interests of business at large; ii) provide for simple and easy regulatory and…

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03 Jul 2015

Healthy Competition

In his book “An Inquiry into the Nature and causes of the Wealth of the Nations”, economist and philosopher Adam Smith conceptualizes the idea that thriving economies are the consequence of competitive markets. He discusses how competition advances innovation, product efficiency and encourages lower prices, and contends that there must…

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Court Uncourt - STA Law Firm
27 Mar 2015


Despite the fact that the Arabic world marks Al-Hijra at the start of Muharram (the first month in the lunar Islamic calendar) and the Chinese community celebrate the “Spring Festival” at the turn of the Chinese lunisolar year in late January/early February, the Gregorian calendar’s New Year marks a new…

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Там, где есть воля, там есть путь: Часто задаваемые вопросы о законе наследования - Дубай и ОАЭ.
25 Sep 2014

Там, где есть воля, там есть путь: Часто задаваемые вопросы о законе наследования - Дубай и ОАЭ.

Там, где есть воля, там есть путь: Часто задаваемые вопросы о законе наследования - Дубай и ОАЭ. “Мы не должны забывать, что для наших потомков в их время будет также важно быть успешными, как и для нас в наше время.”          Теодор Рузвельт   Исламские законы наследования, которые здесь уже обсуждались,…

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Даже СО2 можно продавать! STA Юридическая фирма
05 May 2014

Даже СО2 можно продавать!

«Поражающие признаки глобального потепления открыли нам глаза на представление о изменении климата. Тающие снежные вершины, беспомощные полярные медведи, ухудшающееся качество воздуха и повышение температуры мирового океана – все это признаки, оказавшие эффект пробуждения на человеческий разум и вызвавшие разговоры о меняющемся лице нашей планеты». Правительство США расходится во мнении, когда…

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11 Mar 2014

ОАЭ Закон о Защите Kонкуренции

"Представители компаний, предоставляющие одинаковые товары или услуги редко встречаются вместе, даже для развлечений и веселья, но их переговоры  за спиной потребителей зачастую заканчиваются решением  о повышении цен.." I. ВВЕДЕНИЕ В бизнес среде никакое другое слово так часто не обсуждается, порицается, более интересно, и в то же время менее понятно, чем…

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