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Lawyers in Dubai
10 Aug 2020

Distribution of Pharmaceuticals in India

Detailed FAQ on the Distribution and Import of Pharmaceuticals in India Distribution of Pharmaceuticals in India The Indian pharmaceutical distribution system has a limited number of orbits – the pharmaceutical manufacturers; the clearing and forwarding agents (CFAs/ depots); stockists; wholesalers; and retailers. Clearing and Forwarding Agents What constitutes the role…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
05 Aug 2020

SEBI Portfolio Managers Regulation 2020

SEBI Portfolio Managers Regulation 2020 The Portfolio Management Services (PMS) industry had a robust growth of 18 percent Compound Annual Growth rate in the preceding five years, with assets under management (AUM) rising from INR 6.04 trillion to INR 13.7 trillion. Furthermore, disruptions in the market, including technological advances, have…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
02 Aug 2020

External Commercial Borrowings in India

External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) in India Within a narrow span of two years, foreign debt more than doubled, as domestic lenders adopted a cautious stance upon considering the fallout of a liquidity crisis, and as India's Central Bank eased rules for using overseas borrowings. As depicted by the data of…

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arbitration lawyers in India
20 Jul 2020

Cross Border Arbitration in India

Five Landmark Jugement on Cross Border Arbitration in India The world has become a global village with the advent of globalization. Business organizations have expanded themselves across and beyond borders leading to an increase in cross-border transactions. Agreements and contracts executed between commercial organizations many times go ugly, thus, giving…

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Lawyers in Dubai
04 Jul 2020

Criminal Action Against NRI’S in India

Criminal Action Against NRI’S in India  A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) is an Indian that is located abroad or overseas, living outside the territory of India and has been legally defined under the Foreign Exchange Management Act of India, 1999 and the Income Tax Act of India, 1961 for the applicability…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
05 Jun 2020

Alternative Investment Funds

Alternative Investment Funds A CNBC article noted, "With the Stock market bland and the bond market bubbling, investors may have to search elsewhere in the months ahead for return." The investors who are tired of the stock markets wrench and their volatility and who have been continuously looking out for…

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Law Firms in Dubai
03 May 2020

Governing Cartels in India

Regulation Governing Cartels in India: An Analysis In August 2016, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) levied an immense penalty it has levied to date – a whopping 63.2 billion rupees- in the infamous Cement Cartel case. The origin of the Cement Cartel case was a complaint filed by the…

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Lawyers in Dubai
04 Apr 2020

Design Rights in India

An Analysis of Design Rights in India Have you ever crossed a person who doesn't love owning branded phones, shoes, cars, or jewellery? I don't think so. But for a fact, we can say that many people buy products that are copies of various original brands. Why? Because in today's…

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IT Acts in UAE
01 Mar 2020

Video Game Censorship India

Video Game Censorship: Indian Purview With millennium progressing into the second decade, the governments in all the countries have brought Interactive Video Game Industry under its radar to restrict the increasingly graphic violence in the computer or digital games which intends to excite and interest the gamers. The chant of…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
02 Feb 2020

Grounds for Rejection of Plaint

Grounds for Rejection of the Plaint: Civil Procedure Code The plaint is petitioned for instituting a suit in the civil or commercial courts. A court of civil jurisdiction will be administered by the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (CPC). Order VII of CPC is visualized with the provisions…

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01 Feb 2020

Indian Civil Procedure Code: Reciprocating Territory and Superior Court

Reciprocating Territory and Superior Court in the Indian Civil Procedurs Code  George SK and N. Anand   The Ministry of Law and Justice of India has passed a notification on 17 January 2020 in the official Gazette of India declaring United Arab Emirates to be a reciprocating territory in respect with Explanation…

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Lawyers in Dubai
05 Jan 2020

FDI Law in India

A Guide to Foreign Direct Investment in India Imagine that you are a child in India during the 1980s. Your uncle, who resides abroad in Switzerland, has come for his vacation and gifts you a goody bag filled with exquisite chocolates such as Lindt, Milka and Toblerone, all of which…

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Contracting Lawyers in Dubai
11 Dec 2019

Enforceability of Smart Contracts in India

The Enforceability of Smart Contracts in India Introduction In 1994, Nick Szabo, a legal scholar and cryptographer found that decentralized nature of cryptography could be used in smart contracts, which are basically self-executing contracts and ensure the performance of virtual agreements through blockchain technology to provide a hassle-free contract execution.…

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banking law firms in UAE
16 Nov 2019

Dishonour of cheques in India

Dishonour of cheques in India as per Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 Introduction The whole concept of using cheques, even at this day and age where other progressive modes of transactions are available, is to keep proper record and use it as proof of payment. There are more security and surety…

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