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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
30 Sep 2021

Economic and Fraud Provisions in Middle East

Economic and Fraud Provisions in the Middle East “There is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
06 Jul 2020

Extradition Treaty of UAE

Extradition Treaty of UAE In International Law, extradition is when one state (Requesting state) requests another state (Requested state), to effect the return of a person for trial for a crime punishable under the Requesting state's laws and committed outside the Requested state (state of refuge). The extraditable person could…

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Defamation lawyers in UAE
16 Apr 2018

Defamation V.1

ARE YOU OFFENDED OR IS IT FREEDOM OF SPEECH? “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.” ―John Milton, Areopagitica We are always encouraged to voice our thoughts and to use the liberty of freedom of speech. However, can we…

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Юридические фирмы в Дубае
16 Sep 2017

Дипломатия и Международный Суд ООН: Анализ

Дипломатия и Международный Суд ООН: Анализ (Часть I из II) «Мир стоит дорого. И его цена – дипломатия. Мы все можем догадываться, кто платит эту цену, но иногда не можем  себе представить ее размер.» Отдел международных отношений, юридическая компания STA. Древнейшее свидетельство дипломатических отношений относится к 1259 году до нашей…

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27 Mar 2017

The Essence of Financial Crimes

The Essence of Financial Crimes 'Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud." Sophocles On a bright morning in March 2009, Bernard Mardoff pleaded guilty to defrauding his clients of sixty-five (65) billion dollars in one of the largest Ponzi schemes the world has witnessed. The former chairman of Bernard L. Mardoff Investment…

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faking the document
28 Jul 2016

Пятнистый подделка: подделка по закону ОАЭ (часть 2 из 2)

Spotting the Fake: Forgery Under UAE Law  Part 2 of 2 In the previous issue we discussed material aspects relating to forgery under UAE Criminal Laws and other statutes. We discussed broadly – the definition of forgery, types of forgery (material and moral), legal implications of denial in light of…

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Law Firms in Dubai
06 Mar 2016

Запрет на поездки и порядок депортации ОАЭ Уголовное право

“Walk where your heart leads you, there are no restrictions and no burdens.” Howsoever good you might find the above quote, the truth is that such a thing is not always a reality in this world. But international conventions, rules and regulations such as The Universal Declaration of Human Rights…

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29 Dec 2015

Enforcing Foreign Judgments in UAE- Part II

INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS GOVERNING THE ENFORCEMENT OF FOREIGN JUDGMENTS IN THE UAE    To continue from our previous article, the second party deals with the various agreements in place between the United Arab Emirates and various countries and how they are enforced. We have looked at multilateral and bilateral agreements separately…

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Foreign Court Judgment
26 Nov 2015

Принуждение иностранных судебных решений в Объединенных Арабских Эмиратах (ОАЭ)

Introduction With the spread of globalization, technical and technological evolution, changes in communication means and transportations, economic freedom and free trade around the world have reinforced the idea that businesses and/or commercial dealings need protection.  Hence, as there is an international cooperation among countries to follow an international criminal worldwide,…

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10 Jul 2015

Cross-Border Crime and Extradition

UKBA vs Bribery and Corruption   According to ex-UK Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke, “Bribery blights lives… The wider victims are government and society, undermined by a weakened rule of law and damaged social and economic development. At stake is the principle of free and fair competition, which…

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08 Jul 2015

Can You Choose Your Judge?

  For a variety of reasons, it is highly likely that most people’s instincts would incite them to answer “no”! However if we peruse UAE legal texts we will find that actually, in most cases, the answer will be “yes”!    Litigation is one of the basic rights guaranteed by…

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Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
21 May 2015

Сбой в сборе? Обязанности гаранта поручительства в соответствии с Уголовным законом ОАЭ

Liabilities of the Bail Guarantor we’ve all seen the images of prisoners arriving at court for their hearings, seated in high-security vehicles with small circular windows, with photographers clamouring for a prime position in order to take photographs through the glass. However not all defendants are required to arrive at…

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Cross Border Crime - STA Law Firm
09 Mar 2015

Cross Border Crime and Extradition

Cooperation in International Financial Investigations Apparently “money talks” but “crime doesn’t pay”. It  therefore follows that financial crime is rife, yet the methods in place to control and reduce it are effective.  The evolution of banking means that there are now more ways than ever conduct financial activity, with online…

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17 Dec 2014

Cross-Border Crime and Extradition (Part I)

They say that crime doesn’t pay. But whether it pays or not it certainly sells, at least with Hollywood movies, computer games, fictitious novels all reaping the benefits of the public’s general fascination with the subject. Generally, the term “crime” may cover anything from a road traffic offence to a…

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