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Contracting Lawyers in Dubai
04 Jan 2020

Liquidated Damages upon Contract Termination

Liquidated Damages upon Contract Termination Liquidated damages while not present in every contract, there will arise occasions where liquidated damages are mentioned within contracts and provide necessary assurance and security. There are numerous benefits, though also some drawbacks to this type of clause. The method of awarding damages also differs…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
02 Jan 2020

Advantages of Intelligence Policing

Advantages of Intelligence Policing The terms ‘intelligence’ and ‘policing’ put together often strike thoughts pertaining to some fashion of covert surveillance system that is used to gather information in an undisclosed manner. However, the true meaning of the term intelligence policing, or “intelligence led policing” (a more meaningful way to…

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Lawyers in Dubai
16 Nov 2019

European Union Anti-Takeover

European Union Anti-Takeover Takeovers or mergers have been common economic activity since the wave of globalization has swept the countries. According to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), there has been increase in takeover and mergers with opening up of economies due to Organization for Economic Co-operation and…

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banking lawyers in Dubai
07 Nov 2019

European Foreign Investment Regulation

New European Foreign Investment Screening Regulation Introduction The European Union (EU) spans with twenty-eight (28) member states which have a combined population of approximately 500 million people. It is a massive draw for foreign investors in part due to its scale. With 28 member states spread across a large proportion…

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Lawyers in Dubai
31 Oct 2019

Tort of Trade Mark Passing Off

The Tort of Trade Mark Passing Off Around the World Introduction The reason trademarks are so crucial in the modern business world is due to how the customers and consumer loyalty work. Often, when considering a particular industry such as, for example, fast food, there will be specific names which…

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Property Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
30 Oct 2019

Patent Infringement Global Perspective

Patent Infringement: A Global Perspective Ideas and innovation are the cornerstones of any successful corporation. Given that modernisation and globalisation has had a significant impact on corporations, it is only fair that the ideas defining these businesses are given protection from being misused, manipulated or stolen. Stolen ideas is a…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
03 Sep 2019

Importation of Private Aircraft into the European Union

Importation of Private Aircraft into the European Union Introduction Consider this scenario. An individual who has been a resident outside the European Union (EU) for ten or more years, intends to import a private jet into the United Kingdom. The aircraft is to be purchased by a British Virgin Islands…

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Healthcare lawyers in UAE
06 Aug 2019

Non-insane Automatism in Criminal Law

Non-insane Automatism in Criminal Law There are many different terms and concepts in criminal law; one of the most interesting is automatism. Automatism negates and could avoid criminal responsibility. The term automatism is used in Criminal law to describe behaviour that occurs when a person is unconscious to the fact…

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arbitration lawyers in Abu Dhabi
11 Jul 2019

Arbitration Law under the UN

Arbitration Law under the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Established on 17 December 1966, The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) was founded in response to the realization that the trans-global community is acutely economically connected. Understanding this assembly, UNCITRAL was enacted to govern bodies participating…

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Lawyers in Dubai
12 Jun 2019

Regulatory updates Turkish Capital Markets

Regulatory updates in Turkish Capital Markets The Turkish Capital Markets Board is the financial, regulatory and supervisory agency where the Turkish Finance Ministry appoints its board. The Capital Market Law is passed for the regulation and supervision of the capital markets for ensuring the functioning and development via the security,…

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Lawyers in Dubai
01 Apr 2019

Investment Treaty Arbitration

Investment Treaty Arbitration The foreign direct investment (FDI) is skyrocketing with the globalizing world and hundreds of millions worth cross-border investments are initiated across the world every day. This article intends to discuss the legal protection for these foreign investments. National laws of some states intend to protect foreign investments…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
12 Mar 2019

German Arbitration Institution Rules

German Arbitration Institution Rules 2018 March 1, 2018 the German Institution for Arbitration (DIS) enacted a new set of arbitration rules to revise and replace Germany’s 1998 regulations. The predominant changes (made by a panel of 300 DIS members) resulted in an enhancement in procedural efficiency. Under the 2018 Rules,…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
07 Mar 2019

The International Seed Treaty

  Liberating Farmers’ Rights While Ensuring Food Security: The International Seed Treaty Three intricately related concepts: climate change, biodiversity, and food security have become a central discussion amongst international political bodies over the last three decades. Analyzed from a unidimensional perspective in respect to Earth’s exponential population growth and carbon-emitting…

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