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Lawyers in Dubai
19 Sep 2019

Music meets Dance

Bollywood Deals: Music Meets Dance Who isn’t a fan of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge? The lens takes us to the romance set in the mountains of Switzerland to a typical wedding household in India with dance, music, drama, and emotion. Bollywood is one of the most prolific centers of film…

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Lawyers in Dubai
04 Aug 2019

Cross Border Mergers

Cross Border Mergers Introduction Recently there has been a noticeable wave of mergers (especially in the banking sector) within the GCC. Just in 2017, there were 85 mergers in the UAE and over 400 mergers in the GCC. Many of those mergers were cross border mergers; for instance, in the…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
04 Aug 2019

Churning Is it Ethical

Churning: Is it Ethical? What is Churning: Churning takes place when a broker undertakes excessive trading, i.e. buying and selling of securities in the investor’s account for generating commissions that may benefit the broker or the securities agent. The broker has to exercise unwarranted control over the critical decisions about…

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Data Protection Lawyers of UAE
21 May 2019

Cybersecurity in Corporate Governance

Cybersecurity in Corporate Governance- A Global Purview The historical backdrop of cybersecurity started with a research venture. A man named Bob Thomas understood that it was feasible for a computer program to move over a system, leaving a little trail wherever it went. He named the program Creeper, and structured…

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Company formation in Kuwait
03 Apr 2019

Kuwait Company Formation

Kuwait Company Formation The business environment in Kuwait is complex, and it requires flexibility, persistence, and patience. Many traders are it importers or exporters have been challenged by inconsistent and at times policies that are contradictory due to which there is a lack of transparency when vital decisions have to…

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Company Formation in ADGM
21 Mar 2019

Special Purpose Vehicles ADGM

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) – Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) and Foundations As a company within the Middle East, there are many seemingly insurmountable risks, such as financing, asset transfers or high-risk opportunities, which risks previously held no viable risk mitigation alternatives. However, the ADGM now supplies a competitive entity…

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Media Lawyers in Dubai
03 Feb 2019

Commercial Mediation UAE

Commercial Mediation in the UAE and the Laws Concerning Mediation “Mediation is one of the most effective tools of non-violence. It can turn parties away from conflict, towards compromise” - Miroslav Lajčák Meaning Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution system (ADR) wherein the matter at issue is solved…

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arbitration lawyers in Dubai
08 Jan 2019

Analysis of ADR Methods

Comparative Analysis of ADR Methods with focus on their Advantages and Disadvantages “The courts of this country should not be the places where the resolution of disputes begins. They should be the places where the disputes end after alternative methods of resolving disputes have been considered and tried.” -Sandra Day…

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Lawyers in Dubai
04 Nov 2018

Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Take-Over (SEBI) Regulations 2011 Overview

Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Take-Over (SEBI) Regulations 2011 Overview   Introduction The Indian economy has been marked by many critical structural initiatives which intend to build the strength and substantial growth over the past two decades.  In the last t 25 years, India has gained a lot in the…

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Law Firms in Abu Dhabi
03 Sep 2018

UAE Domain Name Governance and Dispute Resolution

UAE Domain Name Governance and Dispute Resolution What is in the name, asked a layman. Everything, if it is a domain name, replied the lawyer!   Introduction Almost every kind of business, whether a startup or a fully-grown company need an online presence through an official website. A website is…

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Company Formation in Offshore
15 Aug 2018

Открытие Оффшорной Компании на Сейшельских Островах

Открытие Оффшорной Компании на Сейшельских Островах   Сейшельские острова, расположенные в теплых лазурных водах Индийского океана, в безопасной отдаленности от циклонного пояса, являются превосходным уголком среди идеальной природы. 115 островов, разбросанных на более чем 1,4 миллионах квадратных километрах теплых прозрачных вод, Сейшельские острова предлагают постоянно расширяющийся выбор для гостей, ищущих…

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Lawyers in Dubai
07 Aug 2018

Cryprocurrency– A Magical Bubble or The Future of Currency?

Cryprocurrency– A Magical Bubble or The Future of Currency?   The noise and media surrounding the notion of cryptocurrency have been increasing the curiosity rapidly. Before curiosity kills the cat, let's walk through the story of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an innovative and a virtual currency that utilizes cryptography for security…

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Lawyers in Dubai
21 Jul 2018

Guide on Initail Public Offerings in the GCC 2018-2019

Introduction The Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the first occasion on which a company will have shares put up on a stock market. An investment bank will underwrite the IPO and will arrange for the listing of the shares on one or more stock exchanges. An IPO is often a…

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Corporate Law firms in Dubai
14 May 2018

Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS)- Tax Evasion of Multinational Corporations

BASE EROSION AND PROFIT SHARING (BEPS)- TAX EVASION OF MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS OLD WINE IN A NEW BOTTLE Before 1961, there was a minimal focus on national tax laws upon the multinational corporation’s tax and digital economy because during that time no country taxed the foreign source. During that time the…

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