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Lawyers in Dubai
22 Sep 2020

CFD's in Kuwait

Contracts for Differences in Kuwait Introduction Contracts for Differences (CFDs) is a type of security investment wherein investors make a profit from the difference of a company’s fluctuating stock value in the market. CFD is a form of derivative trading, formed as an agreement between an investor and a CFD…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
01 Sep 2020

Copyright Registration in the Middle East

Copyright Registration in the Middle East  Admittedly, the Middle East has something of a "Wild West" reputation, when it comes to some business behaviors. One of the most protuberant of these is the Middle Eastern perception of copying someone as a form of flattery, rather than as theft. In this…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
06 Jul 2020

Extradition Treaty of UAE

Extradition Treaty of UAE In International Law, extradition is when one state (Requesting state) requests another state (Requested state), to effect the return of a person for trial for a crime punishable under the Requesting state's laws and committed outside the Requested state (state of refuge). The extraditable person could…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
02 Feb 2020

CCTV - Invasion to Privacy in the GCC

CCTV & Invasion to Privacy in the GCC The world in this millennium is techno-dependent for almost every aspect of life whether its payment of debts through credit card, entering into contracts by parties distant through online, i.e. e-contracts, e-booking of railway or air tickets and even social networking platforms.…

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Lawyers in Dubai
08 Dec 2019

Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products Kuwait

Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products: Kuwait Introduction The area of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is regarded as an "emerging market" for pharmaceutical exports and bilateral trade. Learning this region's regulatory requirements can be beneficial for pharmaceutical exports. The Gulf countries ' regulations promote the importation of quality generic products, which facilitates…

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Property Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
30 Oct 2019

Patent Infringement Global Perspective

Patent Infringement: A Global Perspective Ideas and innovation are the cornerstones of any successful corporation. Given that modernisation and globalisation has had a significant impact on corporations, it is only fair that the ideas defining these businesses are given protection from being misused, manipulated or stolen. Stolen ideas is a…

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arbitration lawyers in Dubai
23 Oct 2019

Enforcement of Foreign Awards in Kuwait

Enforcement of Foreign Awards in Kuwait Introduction With the world ever moving towards a more globalised structure, clarity and cooperation are more important than ever. The move towards a more integrated world has been occurring for decades, most notably following the end of the Second World War. Some of the…

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taxation lawyers in UAE
27 Jun 2019

Tax Regulation in the GCC

Guide on Tax Regulation in the GCC Introduction: Gulf co-operation council is the abbreviated form of GCC. It came into force in 1981.   It is the union of all Arab state except Iraq and UAE is one of its member states. Saudi Arabia has head first a proposal to make…

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Lawyers in Dubai
13 Jun 2019

Short-Term Contract Oil and Gas

The Legal Framework for the Transportation of Oil and Gas is similar and is predicated only upon a Short-Term Contract Introduction The O&G business has regularly witnessed extensive discussions about the decrease in the term of the natural gas contracts, and many have encountered different unforeseen results which relate to…

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Lawyers in Dubai
11 Apr 2019

A Guide Information Security

A Guide to Information Security and Data Protection Laws in GCC Countries New challenges have arisen with the technological development along with the social and economic globalization.  It can be said that our entire personal data is being stored in the gadgets we use. Internet today has brought millions of…

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Company formation in Kuwait
03 Apr 2019

العنوان: تأسيس الشركة في الكويت

تشكيل شركة الكويت بيئة الأعمال في الكويت معقدة وتتطلب المرونة والمثابرة والصبر. كثير من المتداولين سواء كانوا مستوردين أو مصدرين قد تم تحديهم من خلال سياسات متناقضة وأحيانًا متضاربة بسبب الافتقار إلى الشفافية عند اتخاذ القرارات الحيوية. بجانب ذلك ، فإن حكومة الكويت لا تنفذ قوانين مكافحة الفساد بفعالية كما…

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construction Lawyers in Dubai
23 Mar 2019

EPC and Design-Build delivery

Differences between EPC and Design-Build delivery- English Law compared with GCC Any manufacturing company primarily delves on the basics of production efficiency, innovation, cost management and time to market which are the critical factors for achieving a competitive advantage. The company needs to achieve its business strategy, and thus a…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
03 Jan 2019

الاتفاقيات الدولية لمكافحة الإرهاب

رؤية عالمية لجهود مكافحة الإرهاب مع ما يقرب من 41 ٪ من جميع الهجمات الإرهابية التي أسفرت عن سقوط ضحايا ، وزيادة هائلة في الحوادث المستهدفة العامة ، استثمرت الهيئات الحاكمة التي تمثل كل من المصالح المحلية والدولية على حد سواء موارد لا حصر لها لفهم أفضل لسبب حدوث الإرهاب…

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Healthcare lawyers in UAE
05 Nov 2018

Medical Negligence Claims

Medical Negligence Claims and Liability in Gulf Countries: a Critical Analysis WILLES.J opines, “Negligence is a negative word. It is the absence of such care, skill, and diligence as it was the duty of the person to bring to the performance of work, which he is said not to have…

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