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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
21 Mar 2021

FAQs - Income Tax Law in Israel

FAQs - Income Tax Law in Israel Residents in Israel are taxed on their worldwide earnings. Non-residents are entitled to income tax on income earned in Israel and capital gains tax on capital gains on properties located in Israel (subject to special non-resident exemptions). Income tax, capital gains tax, value-added…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
20 Mar 2021

FAQs - Israel Aviation Laws

FAQs - Israel Aviation Laws and Regulations 2021 Introduction In Israel, the detailed law controls the security of all civil aviation. It regulates licensing of operators and service providers, including pilots, flight schools, airport inspectors, flight controllers, and manufacturers of aircraft and aviation equipment. Furthermore, the legislation specifies strict security…

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Pharmaceutical Lawyers in Israel
15 Mar 2021

FAQs – Pharmaceutical Industry Laws in Israel

FAQs – Pharmaceutical Industry Laws in Israel Introduction What are the major pharmaceutical laws and regulatory bodies in ISRAEL? Legislation The main legislation relating to pharmaceuticals in Israel is:  The Pharmacists Ordinance (New Version) 1981, which governs the manufacture, selling, prescribing, importation, and registration of medicinal products, as well as…

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