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Lawyers in Dubai
10 Aug 2020

Securities Finance in Bahrain

Securities Finance in Bahrain What are Securities and Assets? Securities is a financial instrument that is negotiable and holds some type of monetary value. It is equivalent to an ownership position in a corporation through the stock. Securities can be categorized into three types: Equities Debts Derivatives Equities Equity security…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
05 Aug 2020

SEBI Portfolio Managers Regulation 2020

SEBI Portfolio Managers Regulation 2020 The Portfolio Management Services (PMS) industry had a robust growth of 18 percent Compound Annual Growth rate in the preceding five years, with assets under management (AUM) rising from INR 6.04 trillion to INR 13.7 trillion. Furthermore, disruptions in the market, including technological advances, have…

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