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construction laws of UAE
30 Dec 2017

Возникающая роль формы контрактов NEC

GOOD FOURTUNE- NEC4 “It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” - Charles Darwin Introduction Biological evolution has been “creating” lives on this earth for almost three billion years, constantly adapting everything to an ever-changing environment. It is…

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Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
07 Dec 2017

UAE Criminal Law and Contradictory Statements

Contradictory Statements In a bundle of truths, a lie will always be found within. Pinocchio told lies, and his nose grew. Unfortunately, liars in the courtroom may only be caught out by the inconsistent statements they make throughout a case. The challenge is for the jury and prosecution to find…

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30 Oct 2017

Demurrage Payments in Kuwait

Demurrage Payments in Kuwait What is the mindset of an entrepreneur looking to dip his toes in a new venture? Profits? Maybe, certainty? Certainty is a factor that all entrepreneurs look for in a business opportunity. However, certainty is also the factor that is least available to them; primarily, if…

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Law Firms in Dubai
19 Oct 2017

Скорейшее уголовное правосудие в Дубае

Speedy Criminal Justice in Dubai William E. Gladstone once said in a public gathering that ‘justice delayed is justice denied.' But neither the person nor the concept was new to the anxious crowd. Regarding the person, Mr. Gladstone has served as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom more times than…

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15 Oct 2017

New Copyright Laws in Kuwait

New Copyright Law in Kuwait Creativity is the work of art stimulated by the human mind. Every song ever listened to, every movie ever watched and every article ever read (irrespective of the level of creativity) is the work of art of a lyricist, screenwriter, and an author, respectively. Although…

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Lawyers in Sharjah
25 Sep 2017

Закон о банковском деле ОАЭ под исламской точки зрения

Boarding Complete: An Islamic Rendering Part II of IIIn our previous issue, we discussed the Shariah principles of ijara, simple ijara, ijara wa iqtina, ijara mawsufa fi al dimmah, istisna’a, and how ijara and mawsufa fi al dimmah work. Our attorney’s had detailed the different types of leasing provided by…

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Юридические фирмы в Дубае
16 Sep 2017

Дипломатия и Международный Суд ООН: Анализ

Дипломатия и Международный Суд ООН: Анализ (Часть I из II) «Мир стоит дорого. И его цена – дипломатия. Мы все можем догадываться, кто платит эту цену, но иногда не можем  себе представить ее размер.» Отдел международных отношений, юридическая компания STA. Древнейшее свидетельство дипломатических отношений относится к 1259 году до нашей…

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19 May 2017

Строительное Право и Использование Времени

Строительное Право и Использование Времени   Человечество создало время, чтобы держать организовать и структурировать свою жизнь. Это, по сути, социальная конструкция, в которой мы живем всю свою жизнь. Это не просто фундаментально, но необходимо для нашего выживания. Закон подобным же образом был создан нами, чтобы диктовать то, как мы должны…

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Law Firms in Dubai
28 Jul 2016

Закон о коммерческом агентстве в Кувейте

Commercial Agency Law in Kuwait “Without local guides, your enemy employs the land as a weapon against you.” -Sun Tzu, The Art of War Little did the great Chinese military general, Sun Tzu, know that his guidance on how to wage a war would draw similarities in the today’s commerce…

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