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Issue – II

Published on : 11 May 2015

Court Uncourt Vol II Issue IIRegardless of its size, a piece of paper can only be folded in half a maximum of six times. Sure, there’s a scientific explanation for this (with every fold the paper becomes twice as thick, with the thickness becoming disproportionate to the other dimensions by the sixth fold) – but telling a person that they will not be able to achieve a particular task is a guaranteed way to ensure that they will try. And if the obvious method looks set to fail, maybe a creative alternative is the best route to success. The paper may not fold any smaller if you use the obvious method, BUT what if you try with tissue paper or kitchen foil? Or make parallel folds along the same axis? We at STA pride ourselves on our bespoke, fresh and innovative approach to each and every situation – both with paper, on paper and in law.
Welcome back to Court Uncourt! Our latest issue once again discusses a variety of prevalent legal topics, both in the UAE and further afield, from a unique and imaginative perspective. Enjoy your read – and fold carefully afterward!