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Finding the Best Law Firm in Abu Dhabi

Published on : 31 Aug 2019


In the UAE, many law firms exist but not all firms possess advocacy & legal consultancy license that allows a lawyer to present a case in the court of law. There are many law firms in Abu Dhabi who only possess the legal consultancy license and not the advocacy one. Today individuals and businesses seeking legal assistance are increasingly getting frustrated with the quality of legal service offered and the excessive amounts of legal fee charged by the lawyers. As a result of which, law firms today are facing demands to enhance the quality of service, charge less and become easily reachable.

No matter you are seeking legal counsel for your company or yourself or your family, it is imperative to conduct your due diligence to identify the right lawyer to represent you in the court. You must consider your unique needs and match those to a law firm that has extensive experience in servicing those needs.

Keeping all the above factors in view, we at STA Law Firm have liberated ourselves from the clutches of orthodox thinking so as to come up with ways to provide excellent client service and considerably bring down the cost related to legal counseling services. STA is an international law firm based in Dubai and our attorneys excel in providing legal and strategic advice on all forms of corporate, commercial and business affairs including but not limited to banking and finance, company and commercial law including construction, real estate, health care, employment law, insolvency and restructuring law. We at STA believe ‘Good is not good enough’, and therefore, we aim to set high standards in the legal proceedings.


Reasons to Choose STA Law Firm

  • Professional and Adept Corporate Lawyers


Whether you are seeking legal services for business setup in Abu Dhabi, trademark registration in the UAE, or any other corporate legal service, we at STA Law firm offer each service with utmost accuracy and attentiveness. We hold expertise in handling routine business issues together with more complex subjects. We at STA are proud to be one of the most prominent property lawyers in Abu Dhabi and criminal & shipping advocates in UAE. Moreover if you are looking for online lawyers in Dubai, look no further than STA Law Firm.

  • Reliable Service you can bank on


At STA Law firm, our attorneys offer ably screened, high-quality legal services in all areas of law including commercial, corporate, property, construction, insurance laws and more.

  • Compliance Services


STA’ compliance and regulatory support group carries out preliminary assessments on companies and advises them about the potential threats within the industry, then fabricating and helping to execute comprehensive and enterprise-wide compliance programs. Our team of skillful lawyers provide legal counseling on all aspects of tourism comprising of inbound and outbound terrorism, hospitality relate real estate, resort, hotels, tours, and destination management companies throughout the GCC and Asia.


The One-Off

In order to achieve our vision to bring legal assistance within the reach of every individual and business, we at STA Law firm are a team of finest lawyers whose core value is to deal with legal matters with utmost honesty. We at STA, strive for excellence, esteem teamwork and consistent innovation.  Also, our lawyers are well-determined and make sure that they deliver the best no matter how challenging the situation is. And this eventually helps us develop trustworthy relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

 So are you looking for online lawyers in Dubai? Don’t just think of it, it’s time to find the right lawyer and get your case solved before it gets worse. With expert lawyers at STA Law firm, get rid of all legal worries now!