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03 Dec 2015

Share Pledge for Commercial Facilities

Diageo, a company more commonly associated with alcoholic beverages Smirnoff, Guinness and Johnnie Walker in the United Kingdom- held almost 27.8 percent stakes in a company called United Spirits Limited, one of the leading spirits company in the Indian market by volume.  A series of share pledges by United Spirits…

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UAE Banking Law
10 Nov 2015

Till Breach do us apart - The Law Surrounding Prepayment Premiums

There is a severe need for consistency in the market dealing with publicly traded securities as rapid advancements in the legal diaspora can add unwitting complexity to the requirements of the debtors. If the contracts between borrowers and lenders do not outline distinct covenants which comply with the local laws…

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Legal Functions and Framework in ADGM | STA Law Firm
05 Feb 2015

Legal Functions and Framework in ADGM

  LEGAL FUNCTION AND FRAMEWORK IN ADGM What a year to be investing in the United Arab Emirates! According to statistics published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the nation’s GDP hit USD 419,000,000,000 (US Dollars four hundred and nineteen billion) in December 2014 – a 4.8 percent increase on…

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STA Law Firm - ADGM
19 Nov 2014

Abu Dhabi Global Markets

The financial sector has always been volatile. Yet, the increasing interest it has drawn from public sector initiatives across the globe remain noteworthy. In 2013, the Chinese government introduced the China Pilot Free Trade Zone which was speculated to provide a blueprint for reforming the financial sector. This free zone…

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Carbon Credits and Law
05 May 2014

Even CO2 sells!

It is the striking imagery of global warming that opens our eyes to the idea of climate change. The melting snow caps, the stranded polar bears, declining air quality and the rising ocean temperatures are images that have had a searing effect on the human mind and encouraged dialogues about…

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