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Singapore, situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, is classified as a premier International Maritime Centre, enabling investors to cater to a broad platform around the world. The country’s ports are considered some of the busiest in the world. Singapore’s continual openness to global trade has provided a solid base for economic dynamism, alongside its highly attractive pro-business investment climate. The economy of Singapore is a significant Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) outflow financier in the world economy, which has significantly benefited from the inward flow of FDI from global investors, speaking to its ability to attract sizable foreign business entrepreneurs and investments.

With such a booming, robust emerging economy, Singapore is an ideal location to invest. The three primary strengths encouraging investors in Singapore are its proximity to China, diversified economy, and free trade philosophy. Further, its economy has recently been rated the most open in the world by the Heritage Foundation, second only to Hong Kong.

Singapore has built an attractive, world-class, productive work-force – critical ingredients for the success of any business. As the country is primarily a knowledge-based economy, its labor force is highly educated and professionally qualified, attracting investors to Singapore by the day. Singapore is most of all revered as an economic hub with a diverse market for foreign trade and investment.


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Global Company Formation